Bubblet 1.8.1

Addictive ball-matching puzzle game


  • Highly addictive gameplay
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Records lots of game stats


  • Boring graphics

Very good

I've lost count of the number of Palm games I've played where you have to remove matching shapes by linking them together somehow. It's a testament to the format that I'm still getting hooked on these kind of games after all these years.

As its developer warns, Bubblet is not a game to be playing if you have a deadline to make. The process of matching similarly-colored bubbles together in order to pop them and clear the board is something that's ridiculously addictive. In fact, I'm amazed I managed to put down my Palm and come and write this review.

Bubblet is very simple to play - it's just a case of tapping on the screen to form groups of matching colors, and repeating the process until you've cleared as many bubbles as you can. To make things more interesting, there are several different game modes, and even a multiplayer option where up to four of you can go head to head in a burst-off.

The only thing that really lets Bubblet down is its graphics, which are very plain and simple.

But if its addictive gameplay that you're looking for then Bubblet won't let you down.



Bubblet 1.8.1

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